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19 Sep 2022
Interview with Alan Thatcher of Squash Mad

Tech Week: Ross Gerring and Squash Players App busy tracking down every squash court on the planet

18 Jan 2022
PSA Foundation & Squash Players App – a very similar vision for global squash for all!

PSA Foundation Partners with Squash Players App

11 November 2021
Royal Berkshire Squash – Recommending our Squash Players App.

9 November 2021
People You Should Know: Ross Gerring – Squash & Racquetball Victoria

12 October 2021
Richard Millmans’ Tour of England Sept 6-10, 2021 Blog

9 September 2021
Squash Australia partners with Itomic to map facilities across the country

17 March 2021
Squash Players App – The courts closest to you (the official Portuguese National Squash Federation website)

29 January 2021
On the Spot with Ross Gerring” (Facebook interview with Squash World’s Conor D’Cruz)

29 Nov 2020
The Squash Players app – A product built for the love of the game: Ross Gerring




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