What are the top 5 factors contributing to the popularity of squash in Egypt?

January 27, 2023

  1. A long history of success in the sport: Egypt has a long history of producing top-ranked players and has always had a strong following for the sport.
  2. Government and private organization investment: The government has invested heavily in the sport, building new facilities and supporting tournaments. Private organizations have also played an important role, with many companies and individuals investing in squash programs and events.
  3. Strong youth development programs: Egypt has a strong youth development program that has helped to produce many talented players over the years. This has helped to create a culture of squash in Egypt, which has helped to sustain the popularity of the sport.
  4. Extensive media coverage: The popularity of squash in Egypt has been helped by the fact that the sport is covered extensively by the media, which has helped to attract more fans and players to the sport.
  5. Professional infrastructure: The investment made by the government and private organizations has helped to create a professional structure for the sport in Egypt, which has attracted many talented players and helped to promote the sport to a wider audience.

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