What is a valid Squash Venue?

June 18, 2022

At the core of the Squash Players App is the biggest and best crowdsourced database of squash venues on the planet.

But what is a squash venue, and what’s the difference between a valid squash venue, and an invalid one?

Here’s a quick checklist:

Minimum Criteria

  • The venue is listed on Google Maps, and NOT marked as permanently closed (obviously!)

AND at least one of the following:

  • Squash courts are mentioned in the review section of Google Maps (more recently, the better)
  • The venue has a website and/or social media account (e.g. Facebook), and squash courts are clearly referenced.

We define a squash venue as the physical “bricks & mortar” construction that is, or contains, one or many squash courts.

A squash venue is therefore NOT a squash club or association, that may or may not have the same address as a squash venue, or no physical address at all.

The squash court(s) could be in a dedicated (squash only) facility, or they could be in a multi-sport, or multi-function, facility. Therefore the court(s) could be in a sports centre, or in a school or military base or hotel, etc.

There’s a growing movement behind the construction of outdoor squash courts, therefore a squash venue may or may not have a roof!

We DO insist that a squash venue must have an existing listing on Google Maps. Why? You can read about that here, and how to add a venue to Google Maps if it’s not already on there:

Why does the Squash Players App insist on venues being listed on Google Maps?

Naturally our preference is always to identify the specific location on Google Maps where the squash courts are. But this isn’t always possible or easy. For example, if a school has one or many squash courts, then it’s often the case that the school is listed on Google Maps, but their squash courts (or indeed their multi-sport facilities) do not have a standalone Google Maps listing. In this case, then we have to make do with the school’s Google Map listing.

Thanks so much to everyone who helps to make our squash venues database the biggest and best in the world!

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