What is the 100% Country Club?

August 25, 2021

The 100% Country Club is any country in our Squash Players App database where, for every squash venue in that country, we know how many squash courts are at those venues.

Why do we care?

We boast that our app contains the biggest and best global database of squash venues on the planet. (This is largely thanks to crowdsourcing efforts with the global squash communityThank you! Please keep going!)

Clearly it’s not JUST about tracking down and recording all the squash venues in the world. It’s also about adding more detailed information and useful about these venues, over and above what we can glean from Google Maps and other ‘smarts’ that our systems use.

We propose that the next most important thing to know about a squash venue is how many courts it has. This is helpful for an individual player to know in advance of trying out a new venue. It’s also helpful in aggregate, i.e. to measure the total number of courts in a geographical area (e.g. a country) as a proxy for the overall health of the sport. Increasing numbers of squash venues AND squash courts means more opportunity for the players to play, for the game to grow.

Knowing court numbers also helps to give us some informative stats such as:

  • The venue with the most squash courts in the world is Centrum sportowe Hasta La Vista in Poland
  • The average number of courts per venue is two, or 35% of all venues.
  • 8 court squash venues are more common than 7 court squash venues.

At time of typing (August 2021), 17.5% of countries are members of the 100% Country Club. 30 countries out of 171 have all the courts in their venues accounted for.

Naturally the end game (WITH YOUR HELP!) is to have ALL the squash courts in the world accounted for. This will mean that 100% of countries will be members of the 100% Country Club. Which admittedly doesn’t make it sound quite so exclusive anymore! 🙂

Let’s observe a few important caveats/disclaimers:

  1. There may be squash venues in those countries that we don’t yet know about. We will find them, and we will add them!
  2. A country will (temporarily) fall out of the 100% Country Club if/when a new squash venue is added for that country without a record of how many courts it has. But that’ll get fixed up in due course.
  3. The data about squash courts is only as accurate as the crowd is. So far, so good!

Below is a screenshot of all the 30 current members of the 100% Country Club.

Click here to go the latest live report.

Remember – it’s quick and easy for any member of the Squash Players App (free from the Android and Apple app stores) to improve the data for ANY venue on the planet. Just do it. And thanks!

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